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In securing a loan, John made it possible where others could not, John has been able to structure our finances for future growth and investment. We would have no hesitation in dealing with Equity Release Australia again for our next purchase for our portfolio.

Client: Col and Marion, Aroona, Sunshine Coast Qld
Loan Amount: $3,467,965
Multiple loans, loan structuring.

Loan Description

Col and Marion had quite a few investment properties and were self-employed. We needed to evaluate all the investments and their cash flow, plus the business financials.

We suggested that they look at refinancing the properties and setting up trust accounts for the properties for security purposes and taxation. We could then structure the loans for maximisation on borrowing to grow their portfolio more so, so that they could have more in retirement as they didn’t have a superannuation and wanted to maximise using property as their tool for retirement.

Col and Marion, Aroona
Sunshine Coast Qld


Thanks to the team at EquityRelease Australia (Eazy Finance, previous name) they helped us with selecting the right loan for our new home, help with our documents as it was very scary and daunting.
Thanks so much to the team.

Client: Sophia and Michael, Murrumba Downs, Brisbane Qld
Loan Amount: $385,000
First Home Owner, Owner occupier home loan.

Loan Description

Michael and Sophia wanted to buy their own home, at the time of financing the first home owner grant was at $11.000, so they wanted to utilise the opportunity due to lack of savings and use it as part of their deposit to go with what they had saved and acquired a 95% loan for them to buy their first home.

We helped them with all of the paperwork and procedure to claim the first home owner grant and their options, so if they wanted to do some investing down the track to structure their loan properly now so they can do so.

Sophia and Michael
Murrumba Downs QLD


A big thank you to John for fixing my mess of loans on my investment properties, I had some properties cross collaterised and wanted to take out some equity on one of them not realising the mess they were in and John had a fix them all up for me and I ended with less payments over all and able to release the equity I needed to buy more property, thanks mate.

Client: Chris Hodges, Fassifern NSW
Loan Amount: $1,657,890
Consolidation of 3 investment loans and home loan.

Loan Description

Chris came to us when he was looking to withdraw equity from one of his investment properties, his properties were all cross colaterised which made it difficult to withdraw equity from one property as the part of the security of the property was crossed with all of his properties (which we recommend highly not to do if investing and wanting to build you portfolio).

What we did was refinance all of the properties into single loans and his owner occupied property into a split loan scenario.  This created more opportunities to grow his portfolio as with the growth of the properties and to withdraw the equity in the future is very easy for him and for tax purposes as well.

In the end we were able to save Chris a considerable amount of interest and make his properties more profitable for him.

Chris Hodges
Fassifern NSW


John is like a bull terrier with a bone, he just won’t let go.  That is exactly how I felt when john was doing a difficult refinance for us, I can’t thank John and Kerry-Anne enough.  They went above and beyond for us when we thought it was over and was looking bleak, John pushed through until it happened and was not letting go. My husband Roy and I will now have more than 550 a month left over just in time for Christmas as well, thank you so much for all your time and effort John we truly are grateful.

Client: Roy and Margaret, Cooroy
Loan Amount: $450,000
Consolidation of 2 mortgages, hire purchase and credit cards.

Loan Description

Roy and Margaret were looking to refinance and consolidate their debt, although they had exhausted their avenues, we had a look at their situation although it would have been difficult we found a lender and a suitable product that fitted their situation.

2 mortgages
1 hire purchase (motor vehicle)

Roy and Margaret
Cooroy QLD